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The Custom Boeings an “Air Cruise” Operator Just Ordered Are Fairly Bonkers

We're talking lay-flat seats, master chefs and a wine cellar

If Crystal AirCruises Plane A departs Phoenix on a 28-day trip and Crystal AirCruises Plane B departs Detroit on a 14-day trip at the same time, how far apart will they be when they land?

No clue. But we do know the passengers get to recline on lie-flat beds the entire time.

The beds on the new Boeing 777-200LRs that are being used to deliver the long-distance Crystal AirCruises experience measure in at 73.5 inches, and there are 84 of them deployed throughout the plane.

Those sound nice, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg: the Crystal AirCruises jets also come standard with creature comforts like Bose noise-cancelling headphones, iPads, global WiFi and 24-inch interactive TVs with on-demand programming.

The private planes — which also feature a social lounge with a stand-up bar, a wine cellar and a chef making food in the state-of-the-art galleys — will offer passengers first-class accommodations on 14-, 21- and 28-day itineraries with flights starting October 2017.

“Crystal AirCruises is not just a thrilling new venture for Crystal, but a groundbreaking development in the luxury travel industry,” says Crystal CEO Edie Rodriguez. “Even the savviest travelers and guests who have sailed on our award-winning ocean cruises many times will relish brand new opportunities to explore places impossible to reach by water.”

Short trips will start at $50,000 per person and top $100,000 per person for longer journeys.

That’s about $680 per inch of lie-flat bed — and it could be worth it.