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Deal: Our Favorite Travel Mugs From Contigo Are Up to 44% Off

It's a one-day deal at Amazon for these insulated tumblers

Contigo travel mugs are on sale at Amazon
Our favorite Contigo travel mug is now 2 for $15

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“Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama / Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go, Jamaica …”

Fun fact: I never really knew the lyrics to the Beach Boys hit “Kokomo” — FWIW one of the five worst songs of all-time — but I swear that the word “Contigo” was in there. Turns it out it was Montego, as in Jamaica (also: home to the Sandals resort!).

“Contigo” is actually Spanish for “with you,” and that’s an apt description for today’s Amazon sale, as you should take one of these excellent tumblers, water bottles and travel mugs “with you” at up to 44% off.

I own a few Contigo mugs, and I love ’em: They keep my drinks insulated for hours (for cold drinks, up to 18 hours), they never leak and yet they’re easy to access one-handed once you actually want a sip. I prefer the 20 oz Snapseal mug, because it has a textured grip. Right now, you can no-slip grab two of ’em for $15.

As the Amazon Deal of the Day, you’ll only get these discounts through Thursday. So act fast, and then take your Contigo on the road when it’s safe to travel. Even to Montego.