Home Goods | September 26, 2016 9:00 am

Someone Finally Invented a Vaguely Phallic Inflatable Party Tent

This portable nightclub redefines pop-up

When most organizations get together for their annual conference, they do so in a soulless subterranean hotel ballroom.

But not the Federation of Swiss Architects. They convene in an inflatable party pavilion that kinda sorta looks like a penis diorama.

Designed by Bureau A for the FSA’s annual meeting, the SHELTER in an inflatable structure that is supposed to emulate an underground bunker. Large enough to hold a bar and a dance floor, the temporary installation and the furniture in its interior are made of black PVC membrane that can be deflated after a single night of partying.

“For one night, the black hole of a neat and well organized society is revealed as a potential for distortion, a potential of let-go and provoke, with a slight smile, the unsaid and the sweat,” according to Bureau A. “The mysterious black vessel lands in the modern space of a highly engendered concrete vault; a great spatial condition to explore the corners of what is hidden.”

We’re not sure what all that means, but we sure hope they scrub it down well before packing it up for tomorrow night’s party.