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Five of the Most Bananas Beach Houses on Planet Earth

Winter's going extinct. Might as well move into one of these.

What do the swankiest homes for sale on planet earth look like? And where are they? And how much do they cost?

Even if you — like us — are not planning on buying one this week, admiring them is a great exercise in motivation. So we’re teaming up with our friends at Brick & Wonder to bring you a weekly collection of architect-designed properties currently on the market.

This week we look at the most stunning beach houses on the market, from Miami to Greece to New South Wales.

Casa Bahia (3 images)

Casa Bahia in Miami, Florida

Completed in 2015, Casa Bahia is the first design by filmmaker Alejandro Landes. His eye for all things cinematic tells in the details: “I made the house like I would make a movie — it’s designed like a sequence of shots: framing scenes of nature and shadow and light.” Between the seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a two-bedroom guesthouse, the house can fit all your closest friends. And you may find a few that come out of the woodwork, too, when they hear about the movie theater, custom wine cellar and wraparound balconies.

Brushstroke (3 images)

The Brushstroke House in La Jolla, California

Custom designed by Wallace Cunningham for a private client, the home was built in 1995 but has an enduring, modern style that roots it firmly in the present day. Called the Brushstroke House, the roof and infinity pool seem to reference an actual paintbrush, lending the property its singular form. The entire home is an ode to relaxation: you’ll find a floating fireplace, zen garden and the aforementioned pool, which together create a peaceful soundscape and indelible visuals. Views of the Pacific and reclaimed redwood around the property make this home a decidedly California treasure.

Pearl House (4 images)

Pearl Beach House in New South Wales, Australia
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The gorgeous, straightforward layout of this 1960s beachside home speaks for itself: elevated verandah, floor-to-ceiling glass and surrounding lush vegetation all suggest a simplicity the digital generation has all but forgotten. Leave your phone at home, stroll barefoot to the beach, barbeque on the porch for dinner, et voila: perfect day. Repeat into perpetuity.

Seafront (3 images)

Seafront House in the Ionian Islands, Greece

This property is actually comprised of three villas, each with five suites and a private pool. So depending on your ambitions, you could start your own luxury resort or just have the most epic summer weekends in the history of life. Direct access to the sea and a private jetty mean you’ll have a ton of privacy whatever you choose. And the area is surrounded by ancient olive and cypress trees to remind you of the place’s history.

Wedge House (3 images)

The Wedge House in Sydney, Australia
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The northern beaches of Sydney are graced by this angular, airy home designed by award-winning architect Peter Stutchbury, who has made a grip of similarly staggering homes in the area. Made of timber and granite, the experimental seaside home looks both at the ocean and the surrounding woods, with a large and covered elevated deck for hosting (or just whiling away the hours in paradise).