You’re the King of the Office and This Is Your Throne
By Athena Wisotsky / April 30, 2018 9:00 am

The awkward politics of the office chair is nothing to scoff at.

My ex once got a doctor’s note to replace his architecture office’s standard-issue chair (a beautiful, miserably uncomfy Danish design) with an orthopedic number. Murmurs of “special treatment” and “company reputation” echoed around his pod for weeks.

It was a well-known design firm, after all, and the interior plan elevated form over function. They went with the stiletto of office chairs, when what Max needed was Dr. Scholl’s. The real problem, though, might’ve been that it’s taken too long for office furniture to get the designer’s spotlight treatment.

Which is why Sweden’s Blå Station is blazing trails and setting a strong precedent for what workspaces should be in 2018. They don’t look like cubicles. They don’t look like massive conference tables with ill-fitting chairs in rooms with never enough outlets. They should be social and comfortable. 

The Dundra high back swivel chair is the standout of Blå’s new collection, in our eyes. You could really storm up some good ideas in this thing — fabric or leather, whatever’s your leisure.

Blå Station Office Furniture (5 images)

Other highlights include additions to their connected Bob modular sofa system and the small Cut table, which can be inserted between seats. A table/charging dock situation called Jack is also new to the world (Happy birthday, Jack!), along with the stackable Gap chair, which has the strange allure of those Margiela camel toes shoes. And that’s before you see what weird beauty the crazy Dent Lounge has going on — a trippy leather sensorial experience for your backside, we imagine.

We say well done Blå Station, for achieving the impossible: making work look more inviting than home.