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Deal: This BioBidet Is a Bathroom Must-Have, And It’s 46% Off

Improve your bathroom hygiene and help save the environment

This BioBidet is nearly half off at Woot

“Hurry” and “bathroom” are rarely two words you want to hear together.

But today there’s a good, sanitary reason to listen. And that’s because flash sale site Woot is currently discounting the BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat at 46% off … but the deal ends today (Thursday).

We’ve already told you why bidets are awesome. Even if we don’t go through an inexplicable toilet paper shortage again, a bidet is money-saving in the long run, environmentally-friendly and better at washing your posterior.

And this BioBidet has all the features. You can personalize your cleansing stream for temperature and pressure (there’s even a gentle cycling massage feature), as well as your air-dry temp and seat warmth. Plus, there’s a built-in deodorizer that claims to eliminate 90% of offending odors.

So yes, since this sale ends today, you’ll want to make a hurried bathroom trip. A big and important part of you will be grateful.

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