Home Goods | September 29, 2016 9:00 am

This Is the Nicest Desk You’ll Ever Sit At

Handsome, minimalist workspaces from Artifox

The ideal office desk … would actually do our work for us. But we digress.

Your desk should be a place where you want to be. Something functional but handsome. Uncluttered but built for organizational dexterity. And easy to assemble, improve or adjust — sans impenetrable instruction book.

Artifox is that desk. As the name suggests, these guys craft good-looking pieces of (yes) art you’ll be happy to sit at from punch-in to punch-out.

A St. Louis company that operates under a “less is better” ethos and designs products that consolidate your digital lifestyle without making a mess (meaning: your cords will be hidden and organized), Artifox just made their new collection available for preorder.

The desk is central here. Designed to be “assembled in minutes,” the scratch-resistant hardwood/steel hybrid has a built-in dock for tech devices, soft felt knots to hold cables in place and a hidden grid that organizes and anchors power cords below the desktop.

Plus, some nice details: a couple of unobtrusive pegs on the side for headphones, jackets and the like. Adjustable feet to help on uneven surfaces. And an array of new compatible desk accessories, including an elevated black walnut stand, a pen tray and “pegs,” a cool set of small standing tube bookends that use rare earth magnets to keep your books from falling over.

Artifox also just released a series of bands, baskets and floating shelves for further organizational help. And a handsome, self-leveling vertical bike rack to further your keep your urban clutter coordinated.

Sits well with us.