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These Treads Turn ATVs Into Snowmobiles in 30 Minutes Flat

Cross your heart and pray for snow

By The Editors

As the old proverb goes, beneath every good ATV is an even better set of off-roading tires, but we’d counter it needs to be amended to state that beneath every great ATV is a set of these:

Designed to handle winter conditions in the backcountry, the Apache 360 LT Track System by Can-Am gives any compatible ATV the ability to accelerate, brake and corner like a snowmobile.

Capable of crossing foot-high obstacles, the Apache system includes an easy-to-use mounting kit that allows owners to switch from treads to tires (or vice versa) in just a half hour or less.

Featuring enhanced handling properties and the highest ground clearance on the market, the heavy-duty build is ready to dominate tough terrain every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The fully-loaded track system starts at $6,000 and a new version is launching this autumn.

Is it fall yet?