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Patagonia’s Treehouse Builder, Now for Hire

Sculpture meets shelter, in your backyard

By The Editors

Imagine the treehouse of your childhood dreams. 

Now add a spiral staircase. 

Or a lookout window. 

Or any five-star addition you can imagine. 

Basically, imagine anything that is wooden, shelter-like and can be suspended in a tree or mounted on wheels — and you can commission Jay Nelson to build it for you.

Equal parts sculpture and domicile, Nelson’s treehouses, pavilions, campers and cabins are functional works of art.

A CCA-trained painter and Bard MFA, Nelson now lives in the Outer Sunset, where he surfs, designs (he’s the artist-in-residence at Facebook) and stores reclaimed wood for future projects.

Like your treehouse.

For inspiration, take a look at his portfolio.

Like a custom truck he built for Patagonia. Or his hanging sphere. This ocean-view gazebo.

A camper boat

Even a full-on house

Then shoot him an email to get a quote and start your build.

Consider a Jay Nelson piece a legitimate piece of art in your backyard.

Even better: one you can climb.

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