A $14 Raffle Ticket Could Win You This 350-Year Old French Chateau

Would you rather spend $14 on a single matinee movie ticket, or a 350-year old French chateau?

Before you pull up Fandango, know that the home and its property are already set up as an Airbnb-style getaway in Dordogne, France, that pulls in about $50K a year.

But we’re putting the cart ahead of the horse.

The home in question dates back to 1667, and it’s one of the least populated areas of France. It’s newly listed by its British owner, Ruth Phillips, who is raffling off the home to raise funds for The Eco Village Development Company, which builds alternative and affordable housing.

The raffle is open now, and the winner of the home will get a bevy of antiques and artifacts, as well as access to all the surrounding activities the property is set up for, from horse riding to kite-sailing to climbing. And for being 350 years old, it’s looking limber as ever, with nine bedrooms, 30 acres, a mother-in-law cottage, a swimming pool and even the coffers. That’s because Phillips has included the cost of bills for the property for an entire year in the raffle. There may be a gardener and a groundskeeper in there somewhere, too.

Chateau (5 images)

The big big catch: you must be a resident of England, Scotland or Wales. So if you have any long-lost family over there you’ve been meaning to reconnect with, might be a good time to re-ingratiate yourself. The slightly bigger catch: you kind of need to know French, at least enough to translate the following as part of your entry: “les carottes sont cuites” and “ca ne casse pas trois pattes a un canard.”  

The raffle is open until July, or until 500,000 entries are received.