Who Wants to Buy Whiskey Island?

Last month an intrepid Redditor acquired a case of bottled-in-bond Overholt Rye Whiskey dating back to the Prohibition.

This month it’s your turn to own a piece of bootlegging history.

Whiskey Island — so-called because its unique geography made it an ideal rumrunning outpost during the Prohibition — is currently on the market for a cool $3M.

What the winning bidder will get:

  • 3.1 acres of prime St. Lawrence River waterfront
  • Whiskey Island Lodge, a fully renovated 8-bedroom, 4-bathroom residence with a commercial kitchen
  • 2-bedroom guest cottage
  • 2-slip boathouse

And, of course, a surrounding “maze of shoals” and “strategic location on the US/Canada border” perfect for hiding bootlegged whiskey/rum/moonshine/assorted adult beverages.

h/t Whiskey Island Lodge