If You’re Gonna Live in a Treehouse, Opt for One Like This
By Athena Wisotsky / February 20, 2018 9:00 am

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the PH2 Treebox are its 12-foot metal stilts.

For the guest house/office commission, Dallas-based studio Wernerfield wanted to play with the Texas location’s beautiful, airy canopy and create the sensation of a living space floating among the trees. Elevating the structurein this way made space for a carport (who doesn’t love a good carport?) and the chance for a length-spanning balcony with glass doors into the living room.

Think of the grilling opportunities.

tree (4 images)

Filled with designer furniture (there’s a several-thousand-dollar lounge-chair budget alone here), anything could look good. But this simple, dare I say serene space does seem like the ideal live-work setup, even if all you had were a yoga mat and electric tea kettle.

And this ashtray. And this paddle game and the remote control and that’s all you need.