Home & Design | August 22, 2017 9:00 am

This House’s Bathtub Has Better Views Than Most Resorts

Can we also talk about that super-climbable roof?

California’s Pacific coast has as many beautiful, multimillion-dollar seaside estates as any stretch of sand and bluff on planet earth. Still, you occasionally pass one that’s puts all the others to shame.

And this three-bedroom house near Carmel by Wallaca Cunningham, Inc. — with all its curved beams and shining glaze — could be the crown jewel of the Pacific Highway’s best summer homes.

Butterfly House (5 images)

Built for a private client, you’d be hard-pressed to pick its most picturesque feature, from the massive concrete foundation, to the elegant glass and wood flourishes, to the simple but strong choices of native flora outside.

Butterfly House 2 (5 images)

Inspired by the aerodynamics of a butterfly, the house is striking for both its sweeping arcs and its massive glazed windows, which all face the Pacific. Not only are there majestic views in every direction (man-made and otherwise), there’s a lot to admire around the grounds: multiple gathering spots (just looks like they’re missing a firepit for now), intricate landscaping and a panoramic soaking tub — surrounded by tall glass walls, it’s got better views than most houses can offer from the roof.