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For Sale: The Ultimate Utah Ski Chalet, 9-Passenger Snowcat Included

The price? Might surprise you.

Generally, if your new home/apartment/condo comes stocked with stainless steel appliances, it’s cause for celebration. Then there’s this mountain abode high up in Alta, Utah, which comes with a nine-passenger, fully-functioning, fire truck red snowcat.

Here’s the thing: the machine, which is a PistinBully 100, is no stroke of real-estate marketing genius. It’s a necessary tool to ferry family and/or supplies up and down the mountain.

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You see, 8593 Albion Road is up there. Snowplows don’t bother saying hello come wintertime, and shovels snap like twigs. But with an assist from a snowcat, snowmobile or snowshoes during the colder months (or a simple drive up a gravel road come spring and summer) the trip up is well worth it. 

The home, which is going for a not-too-crazy $3.9M does a great job of finding balance. Its windows are massive without going full Ex Machina estate, while there’s just enough wood finish inside to satisfy lodge purists. As for amenities? Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, heated patio, two garages (one for gear) and a second-floor office with built-in desks. Let the WFH-ing commence. 

For more information on the house, head here

All images via Windemere Real Estate
h/t Curbed