Home & Design | April 19, 2017 9:00 am

This Is About as High-End as a Treehouse Gets, Folks

Think your dad can do better? We'll wait.

Cape Town doesn’t get enough credit for being a near-analogue for Los Angeles, especially in terms of its aesthetic sense: the two cities share a similar climate, moneyed locals, and a keen eye for design.

Land is at less of a premium in South Africa, which means that its architects have the chance to work with a sense of playfulness, if they want to, anyway. Witness Malan Vorster’s treehouse-style residence in wealthy Constantia, a wine-growing suburb of Cape Town about 10 miles from the city’s center. 

malan vorster (5 images)

Paarman Treehouse consists of four towers on stilts, which come close to offering residents a view above the surrounding trees.

As you’d expect, the Capetonian architects behind the project made ample use of the indoor/outdoor flow, with living areas that blend seamlessly from interior living rooms to stars-overhead patio space. 

All in it’s a breathtaking project that takes advantage of the lush surroundings with a circular structure that offers views on views. To see more projects from Malan Vorster, head on over to the group’s Facebook.