Home & Design | August 16, 2016 9:00 am

This House Rotates 360 Degrees, Because Why Not?

Spying-on-your-neighbors level: 11

If you’ve ever seen an Edward Hopper painting (say, “Night Windows“) or even just looked a little too long inside a neighbor’s apartment, you know how weird (and fascinating) it can be to see what goes on behind closed doors. Pull back the curtains, and mundanity becomes performance.

The architect-artist duo of Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley gave these ideas — the permeable boundaries between public and private, the strange allure of the humdrum of daily living — a thorough going-over with “ReActor,” a five-day performance piece for which they built and lived in an actual rotating and tilting house (in matching orange jumpsuits, no less). Spectators were invited to attend, take pictures and generally gawk at the two artists, who inhabited the glass-walled storage container installed at the OMI International Arts Center in Ghent, Belgium.  

From footage of the performance seen below, it looks like world-famous conceptual artists might have pretty sedate home lives. On the other hand: sign us up for the rotating house!