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The $98M Guide to Summer in Tahoe

Private jets. Boat charters. And Shakespeare Ranch.

By The Editors

San Franciscans are inured to the spectacular real estate sale.

$39m on Divisadero and Broadway? Yawn.

$9.5m in the Marina? Seen it.

But Lake Tahoe’s Shakespeare Ranch — now available for a cool $98 million — is different.

The 133-acre property includes over 400 feet of precious Lake Tahoe shoreline and 28 bedrooms spread over 17 houses and more than 30,000 square feet. It’s had only two owners since the 1860s.

So on the occasion of its vacancy, we present The Millionaire’s Guide to Summer in Tahoe.

Inside: Shakespeare, in all its glory.

Plus: the best way to get to Tahoe (private jet, obviously).

The best way to reach our favorite trailhead (chartered boat, obviously).

And just in case you’re short the $98 million, we included two lap-of-luxury rental picks for a summer getaway on our state’s favorite lake.

It’s all in here.


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