By Athena Wisotsky / February 9, 2018 9:00 am

Nothing in your home should be collecting dust.

If it is, you either need to clean it or throw it away.

Or just buy things — even things you use to decorate a shelf or bookcase — you’ll actually use.

Helping you achieve that: this compendium of our seven favorite shops for knickknacks, curios and guy-friendly home goods.

From your nightstand to your bar cart, you’ll find all the objects you need to put a dapper finishing touch on your most-used spaces.

KAI D (2 images)


What they specialize in: Slow fashion: aka durable and beautiful investment pieces that are a callback to the early days of American outdoorsmanship. Inspired by vintage styles, made in New York. Handsome curation of vintage odds and ends, too.

The one thing you should probably buy: This match safe and a vintage Camel Zippo.

Where to put them: That paraphernalia tray that comes out at parties. You know the one.


What they specialize in: Stackable, strange and mind-engaging toys, intentionally misshapen candles and household staples (planters, organizers) made by a ragtag gang of indie designers.

The one thing you should probably buy: A paper and magnet folding globe inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s 1946 patented map of earth.

Where to put it: Your desk, for a “productive” use of time not spent tackling emails.

Art in the Age 

What they specialize in: Tasting room (in Philadelphia, PA) and home bar supply. We like to think of them as scholars of historic drinking practices. Conceived by “spirits genius” Steven Grasse of Sailor Jerry rum and Hendrick’s gin, all of the spirits under this brand are handmade (i.e., not mechanically reproduced).

The one or two things you should probably buy: A hand-turned muddler and the Tasker cocktail mixing jar.

Where to put them: Your bar cart. Garnish with a bottle of their Chicory Root Vodka, if you can find it. For looks.


What they specialize in: Design-forward, functional objects that will lend a more artful aesthetic to everyday spaces like your office and bedroom.

The few things you should probably buy: The Menu Brass Lid Carafe, Braun Classic Alarm Clock and Minimal Lighter.

Where to put them: Your bedside table.


What they specialize in: Fashion, actually — they have no brick and mortar, but they’re a premier online aggregator of boutique shop inventory from around North America, sometimes at a healthy discount (there’s a “Make an Offer” feature for some low-inventory goods). Their non-clothing wares offer a trove of deals on distinctive pieces for all rooms of the house.

The things you should probably buy: A naked bath mat and some Turkish towels.

Where to put them: Your guest bathroom, along with a candle, or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, a chalk room diffuser.


What they specialize in: Fancy-casual retro-inspired furniture and garden gear that makes you wonder “Why don’t I live in Australia with an abundance of personal wealth and free time?”

The one thing you should probably buy: The Dreamer couch and chairs are, in fact your correspondent’s dream collection. But if your head isn’t all the way in the clouds, one or a few of their signature retro-inspired plant pots will do, or a carved stump table.

Where to put them: Wherever you entertain guests, whether a living room or patio.


What they specialize in: Their in-house brand makes custom fine jewelry, but the curation of both their webshop and Brooklyn brick and mortar are a gateway drug that might leave your home filled with weird ceramic art and more beautiful versions of household staples. (Ask me how many porcelain dogs I have.) (Actually don’t.)

The one thing you should probably buy: This malachite bread knife.

Where to put it: Your charcuterie board, along with the matching waiter’s knife.