Home & Design | September 26, 2016 9:00 am

Pretty Sure We Found the World’s Most Scenic Bathtub

The cabin next to it ain't too shabby, either

Valdes Island in British Columbia is a raw, untouched landscape of fir trees and calm waters, and the architects at Battersby Howat wanted to keep it that way.

So they designed and built an off-the-grid shack that blends into the idyllic scene with stacked, black-stained cedar walls that tilt away from the hillside just like the trees that circumscribe them. Inside, there’s a galley kitchen opposite a long banquette and a loft for sleeping. The big windows and white stained plywood soak up ample natural light during the day, and the rooftop solar panels power it at night.

They added an outdoor shower and soaking tub, which along with the kitchen and bathroom are fed by a rainwater capture system. Given that this is the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, there’s an ample supply.

Off-the-grid and into the future we go.