For Sale: One Decaying Military Fortress Fort Off the Coast of Wales

Ah, 2018, a banner year for military forts.

Who knew?

The latest: Stack Rock Fort, a 19th-century military outpost off the coast of Milford Haven, Wales, is up for sale by real estators Purple Bricks, and boy is she a sight for sore eyes. The fortress is what you’d expect the world to look like if you woke up from a decades-long coma in a post-apocalyptic society: overgrown vegetation, crumbling stone and definitely more than a few ghosts.

fort (5 images)

But those ghosts are what makes this opportunity so special. Once an 1850s stronghold built to defend Pembrokeshire from a potential invasion by Napoleon III, the fort now sits abandoned and derelict, waiting for someone to give it new purpose.

Which is where you come in. The parcel’s listed at a hyper-low starting price of $525K, and there’s clear potential here for creative development and ferry links to the mainland. (We at InsideHook HQ wouldn’t object to a “ruins pub.”)

Find more information on inquiring about the property here.