Home & Design | July 11, 2016 9:00 am

Seven Rules for a Most Stylish and Manly Bedroom

Killer frames. Comfy sheets. Better zzzs.

America may be divided, but on this we can all agree: there is no substitute for a good night’s rest.

So consider the place where you get that rest a temple. And you wouldn’t put a ratty comforter and sweat-stained pillows in a temple, would ya?

The rules for a better bedroom are straightforward: keep it clean, inviting and befitting your personality.

To help you achieve that, we came up with a list of seven rules that’ll help you build your own sanctuary of slumber.

The foolproof method for making every mattress comfier

Mattresses last about 10 years. Maybe you’ve found the right one for you. Maybe you haven’t. Regardless, you can make it even better with an airweave Top Mattress, an alternative to the featherbed that’ll make you feel like you’re floating. It displaces heat and keeps you cool.

Get your bed off the floor

You don’t need a box frame. You do need a robust frame. It anchors the room. What you choose depends on what you’re trying to say. Edgy and elegant? Try Wh(ORE) Haûs’s metal frame with a marble headboard (1). It really pops. Natural and modern? Go with De La Espada’s walnut frame with a wool headboard and various color options (2). Stately and masculine? Restoration Hardware wrote the book on that. We like the Chesterfield Collection and its customizable leather (3).

And yes, you need a headboard

It serves as a prop for reading in bed and makes you look like an adult. But it doesn’t have to connect to the bed — there are alternatives. Casa Midy (1) makes standalone headboards that either prop against the wall or hang. And Matteo makes a bolster that can double as a headboard (2).

Replace your pillows annually. Unless they’re these.

No matter how well you clean your room, your pillows will attract dust and dust mites and will soak up your head sweat. National Allergy, a doctor-approved store, makes comfy pillows impervious to those issues.

Sheet shopping? Forget about thread count.

Sateen and Percale is what you need to know. Hot sleepers should stay away from a high thread-count sheet because a higher thread count simply means more threads per square inch, aka a denser fabric. Instead, consider the quality of the cotton; the longer the staple (or natural length) of the cotton fiber used, the less it’ll pill and fray. You want to look for a fabric made with extra long staple cotton. This boils down to two choices: Sateen and Percale. The difference is the weave.

Percale uses a basic basket weave: one thread over/one thread under. This makes the fabric very breathable, crisp and cool. It’s also a bit more durable than sateens. Sateen uses a four over/one under weave. With most of the threads sitting on the face of the fabric, sateens have a very soft and buttery hand.

Matteo makes the best bedding we’ve ever laid eyes — or bodies — on

Matteo makes their extra long staple sheets, duvets and throws in a compound in Boyle Heights, where you can see their factory, store and staging house in one visit. Known for their crisp white sheets and ultra soft blankets, they’ve recently branched out into colors, dying them with natural tones that are meant to be mix-matched and layered. We recommend an olive duvet cover with greige pillowcases and an off-white sheet (see picture above), all with contrasting weaves for a variety of textures that’ll draw in the eye.

Keep your bedside tables simple and matching the headboard

Pick small tables that complement your bedframe or headboard. Hammer and Spear has a great eye for them, along with lamps. Only a few things should be on your bedside tables: matching lamps, a plant to keep the room smelling and looking fresh, a book to help you pass out (here are 40 local reads) and a clock (because using your phone is hampering your sleep).