Home & Design | June 2, 2016 9:00 am

Why Have One Tent When You Can Have Infinity Tents?

Meet POD, aka the bellwether of “social camping”

They say no man is an island.

If the putative “social camping” trend takes off, they’ll be saying the same thing about the tents they use on that island as well.

The face of the new movement: the POD Tent, a modular shelter that can be linked with other “PODs” to form different layouts ideal for anything from a remote mountaintop to a family campground to a musical festival.

After receiving a bloody good reception when it was unveiled across the pond in 2013, the POD’s manufacturers have been using the brand-new Elite line of community camping homes to try to get Americans interested in communal camping as well.

In addition to having upgraded features like increased durability, reduced weight and enhanced UV protection, the Elite Pods can sleep between four and eight people can be erected in 20 minutes by two campers.

The company is taking preorders for the Elite Maxi ($850) and Mini ($600) models via its website, and orders are set to start shipping this month.

Just in time for camping season.