Home & Design | February 28, 2017 9:00 am

This Is the Pocket Shelter. Guess Where It Fits.

Watch your back, mobile homes

Wallet, spectacles, testicles, watch: the standard male checklist before leaving the house.

If one of Barcelona-based designer Martin Azua’s creations ever gets mass-produced, we may be able to add a version of an actual shelter to that pre-leaving-the-house checklist.

Dubbed the Basic House, Azua’s inflatable shelter is made from a metalized polyester material that retains heat in colder temperatures and keeps things cool once temperatures get hot. Even more impressive, the foldable shelter is small enough to in fit your pocket after being used.

The idea behind the home is to make life on the road more attractive as well as provide help for impoverished individuals. “Have it all (freedom) without having almost anything,” Azúa says.

While the house is a concept and not currently available for purchase, these inflatable homes definitely are.