By Kirk Miller / February 7, 2018 9:00 am

“What would you do with 320 square feet?”

That’s the question small-home innovators Plús Hús ask on their website. (As a New Yorker, I’d respond, “Charge $4,000 for rent.”)

The selling point for Plús Hús (rhymes with couscous)? Their 16’ x 20’ abode can be customized almost any way you see fit — and you can erect it wherever you want.

Sustainably manufactured with mnmMOD building materials in Los Angeles, the environmentally friendly dwellings are available in three different configurations, from what amounts to an empty room all the way up to a unit with a bathroom and kitchen. Metal panel roof, hardy exterior siding, shiplap wood siding, black aluminum door/windows and maple interior cladding are included with each unit, with colors and finishes up to you.

Units start at $37,000, though you’ll have to double that for site visits, planning and contracting. The Plus Hus ships flat-packed and PH’s team will assemble it in the location of your choosing.

If, like us, you’re in New York, you may want to check with your landlord before inviting them up to the roof.