Home & Design | December 1, 2016 9:00 am

This House Disguised as a Jungle Gym Can Pack Up and Move With You

When they said mobile home, we certainly didn't expect this

Don’t see eye-to-eye with your neighbors?

Troll them.

Unless you live in one of these foundationless towers, in which case, moving is always an option.

Created by China-based People’s Architecture Office as a theoretical solution to the fact that the leasing of property is regulated by the government, the prefabricated Plugin Tower consists of a flexible steel frame that can be assembled into myriad combinations made of multiple levels and rooms.

Covered with glazed glass and connected by spiral staircases, the towers rely on an insulated paneling system that requires each piece to be pre-fitted for electric wiring and plumbing needs.

The homes can be expanded if a family adds new members or needs more space. It can also be contracted if, say, a child goes away to college — or dad loses a bet and has to sell off his man cave.

While still a concept, it’s nice to know the Plugin Tower has your back if you lose it all on black.