For Sale: A Super Chill Rainforest House Near the Great Barrier Reef
By Athena Wisotsky / May 15, 2018 9:00 am

Ever wanted to move to Australia?

You might have strong feelings in favor of the idea once you look around the the Planchonella House in Cairns, just now on the market.

Since its completion in 2014, the home has been racking up awards, including the American Architecture Prize and the Residential Award from the Australian Institute of Architects. Husband-and-wife team Jesse Bennett and Anne-Marie Campagnolo — one an architect, the other a designer — completed the home through the former’s own Jesse Bennett Studio.

Planchonella (6 images)

The colors inside are neutral and carefully chosen, both on the decor and the raw materials. In aggregate, it cuts a warm, bold figure against the vibrant green of the rainforest, which pours in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Planchonella 2 (6 images)

The specs: three bedrooms, two baths, four-car covered garage. The roof functions as a sundeck and viewing platform for catching rainforest views.

Nearby: both the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage site Daintree Rainforest, positioning this home as a great fit for those who love delicate, diverse ecosystems. Outside you’ll find a low-maintenance landscape: hardy, low-water plants and no fences to maintain (part of its integration with the natural surroundings).

It’s also considered one of the most important domiciles in the country, which is why buyers must make their highest offer before knowing the listing price, as well as submit a written letter about why they should own the home. (Note: it’s estimated to go for about $4-4.4m.)

If you are interested, inquire through real estate agency Modern House, or visit their site for even more photos.