Home & Design | May 13, 2016 9:00 am

Rotating Cabin Gives New Meaning to “360-Degree Views”

It’s like a snooze button for that unsightly sunlight stuff

While we don’t agree with all George Bernard Shaw stood for — 45 years of married celibacy, for starters — there are more than a couple things the old codger got right.

One of them: the rotating shed he used to follow the sun throughout the day while he wrote.

While its residents probably won’t be putting a Nobel Prize on the mantle any time soon, a new rotating tiny home in Portland, Oregon, does channel Shaw’s affinity for natural light.

The 359 — so named by designers PATH Architecture for the number of degrees it can rotate — is a 12’ x 12’ dwelling equipped for off-grid living thanks to its rooftop solar paneling and composting toilet. But it’s not all Thoreau-fare: the two-story, 144-square-foot dwelling is also outfitted with all the necessary electrical and water features a modern man needs.

“We believe that inspired living has more to do with the design of the space than the size of the space,” the designers say. “If the sun is too hot, turn 359’s back to it. If the winter sun is desired, let the light shine in.”

But let’s be honest: the owners are almost definitely just using it to keep the sun out of their eyes when they hit the snooze every morning.