For Sale: A Pinecone-Shaped Treehouse in the Redwoods
By Tanner Garrity / December 11, 2018 9:00 am

I tried to build a treehouse with a friend once. I think we got halfway done with the ladder before breaking for lunch … and for good. Clearly, we weren’t destined to find work at O2 Treehouse, the California-based design firm that has brought some certifiably insane housing concepts to the Redwood treetops. 

Their magnum opus — the Pinecone Treehouse — has been renting out on Airbnb for a little while, and is now officially up for sale, with a base price of $150K

pinecone (5 images)

Located in the Redwoods of Bonny Doon, a census-designated hamlet in Santa Cruz County, at first glance the Pinecone looks like a brand of crazy your dreaming self concocts during a melatonin-addled sleep. It hangs 35 feet in the air, a misshapen mash of glass and wood, connected to the forest floor by a long ladder. 

But closer inspection reveals the amount of expert craftmanship that went into rendering the 5.5-ton orb. Accessible via a trap door, the interior of the dome is essentially one giant bedroom, with panoramic views through endless windows. Down below, there’s an open-air bathroom and boardwalk of sorts, while all around lies unfettered NorCal wild. 

We say make moves while it’s still available. Would be one hell of a place to host Thanksgiving next year. 

For more information on purchasing the “home,” head here

All images by Garna Raditya