Home & Design | March 14, 2017 9:00 am

We Only Know of One Tiny Home That Is Also a Giant Amplifier

Backyard parties will never be the same

It’s been over 30 years since Dr. Emmett Brown’s XXL amp destroyed Marty McFly’s eardrums (and just about everything else in the room). But it looks like someone got their hands on it, or at least a similarly oversized speaker, and made it into … a tiny house?

The sonic homestead, built as part of the show Tiny House Nation, is the brainchild of electric violinist Asha Mevlana. The 400 square feet of total living space are split between two buildings — a house and music studio — connected by a wooden deck.

Amp Tiny House (3 images)

The gigantic amp takes up over half of the studio’s facade and is built from a wall of marine speakers, able to withstand any weather Fayetteville, Arkansas throws its way. And it’s engineered the same as any setup. So at a moment’s notice, Mevlana can plug in her electric violin to serenade visitors and/or enrage the entire neighborhood.

Not enough? This 120 square foot section sits on a trailer. With a garage door entrance and plenty of space, we’re looking at a three-in-one: guest bedroom, mobile recording space and music festival on wheels.

Amp Tiny House 2 (4 images)

The remaining 280 square feet of the main building fit a living room, bathroom, open loft bedroom and spacious kitchen that’ll rival any big city apartment.

If you want a piece of this, but aren’t sure where to start with a tiny home, Mevlana detailed the entire process on her website.