Home & Design | December 28, 2016 9:00 am

2016’s Most Expensive Homes Will Indeed Leave You Slack-Jawed

$318M French Riviera estate, anyone?

If you’re wondering what powers the tiny home trend, may we suggest … the mega-mansion trend? 

Honestly, we find the whole thing entirely déclassé. There is no connection between a man’s worth and the size of his penthouse. 

But, hey: If you need a $300 million French Riviera estate to prove you’re a mover and a shaker, we’ve got some ideas right here, with the year’s most expensive real estate from Architectural Digest.

We say they’re best left to oil princesses and oligarchs. 

Above: a 63-acre Connecticut estate on the Long Island Sound, available for $175 million. 

Above: Pierre Cardin’s $318M French Riviera estate

Above: This used to be Aaron Spelling’s house. Now owned by Petra Ecclestone, it’s on the market for $200M. 

Above: Yup, that’s the Playboy Mansion, purchased for $100M earlier this year. 

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