Home & Design | March 30, 2017 9:00 am

Anyone Want a 250-Acre Ranch With a Saloon and Bunks for 40?

Assless chaps not included

In the age of driverless cars and A.I.-integrated homes, it’s sadly impossible to rewind back to the age of bucking mustangs and dusty saloons.

That is, unless you’ve got a 255-acre old-world ranch, like the one just put up for sale for $6 million in Montana.

The expansive property includes four houses, as well as a standalone saloon, stagecoach stop converted into a cabin and sauna, three ponds, a dining building and horse facilities.

Montana Ranch 1 (7 images)

The main residence, built after the current owners bought the property in 2003, is 9,500-square-feet with four bedrooms and six bathrooms. As Bloomberg Pursuits notes, it “can sleep 20 people comfortably with a large loft that has five twin beds, accessed via hidden stairs behind a false door.”

In total, 40 people can rest their heads at the ranch, with enough space that no one’ll be calling for a showdown at high noon.

The clincher, though, is the saloon. The owners built it after realizing “they didn’t have a main gathering point large enough to hold all their guests,” writes Bloomberg Pursuits. Now, with a 24-foot-long walnut bar, commercial beer coolers, separate kitchen, an entire stuffed brown bear and room for over 100 people — it’ll handle even the rowdiest gatherings. And when you’ve had enough, simply ride off to your separate sleeping quarters.

Montana Ranch 2 (4 images)

And if 255 acres isn’t enough, the ranch is adjacent to the two million-plus acres of Lolo National Forest.