For Sale: A 40-Room Miners Garrison Turned Private Desert Estate

All that’s old, decrepit and forgotten is new again.

It’s held true for all those local paper mill-turned-microbreweries you’ve visited in the last few years. And now the movement’s blazed a trail out into the Arizona desert.

Jerome, AZ’s Little Daisy Mansion is listed at $6.2M. It’s an eight-bedroom, seven-bathroom, portico-heavy estate floating on a cliff in Arizona’s Verde Valley, about a 40-minute drive from Sedona. A thirsty traveler would not be faulted for thinking the home is an overly optimistic mirage.

rawhide (9 images)

But this mansion wasn’t always an overgrown home — it used to be a hotel. A hotel with 40 different rooms for miners who worked the adjacent Little Daisy Mine. Under the guidance of James “Rawhide Jimmy” Douglas (who built the hotel), Little Daisy produced 397,000 tons of copper, 221 tons of silver and 5.5 tons of gold from 1915 to 1938. While that tradition is history and the mine has since shuttered, the home, which is coming off a nine-year refurbishment, is eager to play host again. Its outdoor hallways look primed for canyon-gazing and its tables (both dining and pool) are ready for some drinks and carousing.

Throughout the 3.5-acre property, expect to also find 9,000 square feet of rooftop gardens, fireplaces and wet bars, a workshop and a game room. Find more information on the listing here.