Home & Design | February 24, 2017 9:00 am

This Pop-Up Camper Inflates in 90 Seconds

Beat that, you dirty old tent

Why pitch a tent when you can have a full-blown camper?

They’ll take ya the same amount of time to assemble. That is, if you get yourself an Air Opus trailer that inflates in 90 seconds. 

Equipped with a high-power electric pump that’s operated by pressing a switch, the Air Opus is supported by air poles that inflate in seconds as well as easily break down with valves. A few manual steps are required, but the bulk of the set-up work is as easy as turning on a lightbulb.

Inflatable Trailer (3 images)

The pop-up trailer is easily transportable and comes with double beds, a convertible couch, a kitchenette with a stove and sink as well as heating and lighting systems as standard options.

For owners who want to kick things up a notch or twelve, Air Opus offers add-on options like an inflatable showering system, overhead LEDs, mini fridge, cinema system and portable toilet.

Dropping in April, the Air Opus starts at $19,290 — or $2,499 as an add-on for an existing trailer.

Head on over to Air Opus to preorder yours.