Home & Design | April 21, 2016 9:00 am

“Rustic Farmhouse” in New Zealand Is Deliciously Literal

Not often we say this, but: that’s some great-looking rust

(Cirrus Aircraft/Contributor)
(Cirrus Aircraft/Contributor)
Erik Hildebrandt

The dictionary will tell you rust is “a reddish substance that forms on metal, usually when it comes in contact with moisture or air.”

Your neighbor will tell you rust is “that s*** you got on my tools, for which you can now write me a check.”

And then you take one look at this home in rural New Zealand and remember rust can be something else altogether: drop-dead gorgeous.

The K Valley House by Herbst Architects sits nestled in the hills of the Coromandel Peninsula. Its patina of recycled and reclaimed corrugated steel strike a perfect complement to the surrounding landscape.

The home was designed for two busy film industry clients who wanted a calming retreat in their off-seasons. Panoramic views of the valley and arable farmlands offer a welcome escape from their hectic day jobs.

Inside, a place to rest after tending the land: timber-lined walls, sliding glass doors and a modern central fireplace make the interior as staggering as the outside. The residence was HOME magazine’s Home of the Year in 2016.

All images via Lance Herbst