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A Remote Greek Cabin That Accepts Bartering for Payment

Sleep in an olive grove above the Aegean Sea

Is there ever a bad time to day dream about having your own cabin? We don’t think so. Sometimes it’s got a smoking chimney and is in the woods. 

Sometimes it’s on a remote Greek island that you ferry out to. Perhaps it’s Lesvos. (Or Lesbos. Or Mytilini — it goes by all three.) 

Because there, on a hillside, there’s an olive grove with a bookable holiday cabin. Three levels, one room, inspired by the “agricultural storage houses” local farmers use to store their harvest. Basically, it’s a modern take on a Greek barn.

It’s called it the Hermitage Sykaminea

greek cabin (6 images)

It’s simple-simple-simple, from the wood-everything fixtures to the orientation: north-south, meant to allow for breezes coming from the north, off the sea. Running water? No. But there are tanks, which makes this perhaps the best possible case of “roughing it” that we have ever seen.

The coolest part, though, is that they allow barter trades as a form of payment. Time to get creative. 

And once you’re there, there’s tons of local activities to take advantage of, from participating in the local pottery tradition to harvesting olives or simply enjoying your quiet life on the sea.