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So You Wanna Sleep in a Five-Star Treehouse…

These four'll hunt

By The Editors

The question isn’t why would you want to sleep in a treehouse.

It’s why wouldn’t you.

Among the benefits: proximity to nature, the chance to support ecologically sensitive building practices and the fact that you’re sleeping in a freaking five-star treehouse.

Below: a line on four of the world’s ritziest canopy-level rentals. Get out there.


There is possibly no house – tree or otherwise – as beautiful as this mirrored cube suspended in the middle of a Swedish forest. It’s a 16-square-meter cube hung from a tree, with interior walls made of birch-topped plywood — meaning it’s as light and airy inside as you’d expect from a Scandinavian design team. Cross the nearly 40-foot gangway and you’re there. Best of all: wifi and sauna included.

$560 per night for two people, treehotel.se

Secluded Intown Treehouse

What do you do after working as the executive director of Greenpeace? Build a network of three interconnected treehouses on a property in Atlanta and rent it out on Airbnb. Dates are limited — but availabilty for 2016 is supposed to go live any day now(!), so check the listing and make your booking.

$350 per night for two people, airbnb.com

Tongole Wilderness Lodge

A pristine, open-plan perch overlooking the Bua River, Tongole Wilderness Lodge is the perfect pick for wildlife enthusiasts, with bird safaris, fly fishing and big game tours all available a short drive away.

$335 per person per night, tongole.com

Ariaú Amazon Towers

If you’re looking for your honeymoon suite, we found it. It’s 110 feet up in the air, hanging off a mahogany tree in the middle of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. Your neighbors/alarm clock for your stay: macaws and parrots. Notable: four treetop bars, two treetop swimming pools and a heliport for anyone who doesn’t feel like the trip by land from Manaus.

Rates on request, ariauamazontowers.com