Home & Design | July 18, 2017 9:00 am

It’s Called a Tree Cocoon and It’s the Setting for All Your Future Daydreams

The lovechild of a tent and a treehouse ...

Permanently living in your own bubble, for your overall well-being, is never a good thing.

Visiting one for a nap, night or even a brief vacation however, now that … that can do wonders.

Say hello to the Cocoon Tree, a nine-foot-diameter spherical structure that’s crafted from stainless steel and aluminium and wrapped in a sturdy waterproof membrane.

With enough space to fit two adults and two kids, the literal hangout can be installed between a trio of tree or boosted above ground on a quartet of legs.

Hanging Tree (5 images)

Even better, the anchor points of the Cocoon Tree (six for suspension and six for lateral stability), can be installed by a team of three adults in as little of three hours: instant glamping.

Priced around $8,700, the basic Cocoon Tree can be outfitted with add-ons like a solar power kit, a tankless water heater and shower set, ecological separating dry toilet and greywater filter.

Feel like hanging?