Deal: You're Running Out of Candles. These Are on Sale.

Sometimes all you can do is sit quietly and stare at a flame

Deal: You're Running Out of Candles. These Are on Sale.
By Logan Mahan / April 3, 2020 11:22 am

One unanticipated side effect of staying home all day long is a dwindling candle stockpile. You might be literally burning through your Bath and Body Works collection of “Strawberry Poundcake” and “Eucalyptus Rain” to deal with stress, to spruce up your home/workspace or just to kill time watching that flame burn. And now’s a perfect time to restock (and refine your taste in candles) because a few good ones are currently half off at Huckberry.

These hand-poured cocktail candles from Aden Candle are made from coconut and apricot wax, all-natural essential oils and high-quality fragrances. You have your choice from scents Barrel-Aged Manhattan (crafted with notes of oak, vetiver, clove, and sandalwood), Mezcal Negroni (a smokey scent with hints of citrus) and Bourbon & Maple (notes of whiskey, smoke and maple syrup). And each candle has an impressive 60-hour burn time, so you can be comforted by the smells of your favorite bar until it reopens.

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