By Athena Wisotsky / February 9, 2018 9:00 am

While the platonic ideal of a summer house probably doesn’t involve Northern freakin’ Europe, Scandinavia’s penchant for simple, stunning holiday homes continues to challenge the paradigm.

Case in point: the Treldehuset summer home, finished last year in Vejle, Denmark, and inspired by the concept of Russian nesting dolls.

treldeshuet (4 images)

What the architects Cebra have done well: taken the classic gabled roof (especially common in colder climates) and managed to add a feature — that partially covered wraparound porch — that both buffers it from the outside in grim weather and offers more lounging space when it’s nice out.

The architects wanted to reconcile their love for large-scale projects with the subtlety of a traditional summer home. And that vision has been realized in the form of a structure with a much larger footprint than the living space itself occupies: the excess makes up a partially covered patio living snugly under the pitched roof, with both gaps for sunlight and cover for weather protection.

No matter the season, pack warm — because there’s no chance you’re staying inside with a veranda like that at your disposal.

And now here’s “Wonderwall.”