One Fire-Engine Red Shanty in the Chilean Mountains, Please

The country cabin has traditionally been a humble fellow.

Glass casing, bamboo siding, black triangles … all features that bend the knee to the surrounding trees and stars. But who says the backcountry retreat can’t complement its environs and still have a little fun?

Introducing Casa La Roja, a shrine to lobsters, fire trucks and emergency phones located in mountainous San José de Maipo, a commune about an hour southeast of Santiago, Chile.

roja (6 images)

Conceived by Chilean Felipe Assadi Architects, Casa La Roja pays tribute to your archetypal deep-red barn, resembling that two-tiered boxy shape and open-air feel. But the interior is far more spacious and homely, with concrete slab kitchen islands, blonde plywood interlays and a clear affinity for windows.

Dwellings that retain thoughtful materials but manage to say a bit more  — restrained interior, exclamation-point exterior — are a win-win. Hopefully we’ll see a magenta A-frame in New Zealand next.

You can find more info on the firm and their other projects here.