Home & Design | January 2, 2017 9:00 am

They Call It a Bed Tent, But Let’s Be Real: It’s a Portable Fort

Girls most definitely allowed

Structural shortcomings notwithstanding, building forts was — and is — a boyhood rite of passage.

Shame it’s not socially acceptable to live in one as an adult.

But thanks to the Bed Tent from Privacy Pop, that might be about to change. Compatible with pretty much any bedframe, the Bed Tent provides instant, zippable solitude from your surrounding, indoors or out.

The insta-tent features fold-up and zip-down doors, mesh windows and double-sided zippers. It’s available in eight colors and eight sizes, and folds down into a compact carrying bag … allowing you to take your privacy on the road.

Ostensibly for dorms, barracks and other tight quarters, the Bed Tent does have one additional purpose, for better or worse: sleeping at work. As Chris Messina, the Developer Experience at Uber, noted on Product Hunt: “[This is] the kind of product you can buy for your office to out-Google Google — next level nap pods!”