Home & Design | October 24, 2017 9:00 am

Autohaus Is Essentially a Museum-Grade Garage With a Bedroom

Vroom with a view?

No use having an awesome car collection if you’re stowing the cars in a garage.

Solution: Open it up.

From the Austin-based Matt Fajkus Architecture and built for two race car drivers, Autohaus is a two-story abode with a “floating” second floor residence that hovers over a gigantic, airy carport— or “open area for flexible gathering and automobile calibration/display,” as they call it. A light-filled stairwell is the access point between the two floors.

Autohaus (4 images)

The carport features a Bautex Wall System, which monitors temperature, moisture, humidity and energy efficiency to protect the cars from the steamy Texas environment.

As for the living quarters, those are in the front, while the back hides a large exterior roof terrace surrounded by tree canopies, with custom-made steel and glass sliding doors creating the in-between.

Leave it to race car drivers to have a home that’s a garage first, sleeping quarters second.