Home & Design | July 11, 2016 9:00 am

The Armadillo Tea Canopy Is an Animal-Inspired Mancave We Love

Indoor/outdoor structure is made of modular "shells"

Armadilloes — those little armored warriors of the cingulate order — know a thing or two about protecting themselves from the elements.

So it only makes sense that someone would eventually draw on their anatomy to create a decent shelter.

Inspired by the conjoined shells that cover its namesake, the Armadillo Tea Canopy is a modular structure made up of five shells held together by brass screws and brackets.

What the structure lacks in weatherproofing, it more than makes up for in looks.

Open on both ends and designed for indoor/outdoor use, the Armadillo Tea Canopy’s individual shells are interchangeable and can be configured to suit an owner’s preferences. Though it can be anchored, “the canopy is designed to be structurally independent and can be installed as a freestanding element.”

Created by Ron Arad, an architect who dabbles in “constant experimentation with the possibilities of materials such as steel, aluminium or polyamide,” the Tea Canopy’s shells can be built from a host of materials, including oiled plywood and PVDF-coated timber composite.

They’re worth shelling out for.