Home & Design | March 30, 2017 9:00 am

Life Goals: This Private Island, the Gorgeous House and the Yacht Moored Outside

We're not jealous. You're jealous.

Now this is a house.

Follow the coastline west from Rio de Janeiro and you’ll come to Angra dos Reis — Portuguese for “Creek of Kings,” and now both a beach-lover’s paradise and the home of one of the country’s biggest port facilities. It’s so renowned as the former the Formula 1 star Senna had a beach house here — and it’s the perfect location for AB Residence, a two-story home that takes private-island living to the next level.

ab residence (8 images)

Notes to make for when you’re designing your own private island house: Secluded spaces — bedrooms and bathrooms — are on the upper floor. Social areas — including all the indoor/outdoor recreational areas — are on the lower, ground floor, allowing easier access to the shoreline. Floor-to-ceiling windows both enhance the floor and lessen the home’s visual impact on its environment. And prefabricated wood and glass panels, fitted into a metal structure, reduce costs and speed up the building process. 

Photos: Léo Finotti, Rafael Kamogawa