The 7 Best Desert Hideaways Listed on Airbnb

You need some peace and quiet, and we’re sending you to the desert. We’ve just decided.

With all due respect to secret beach bungalows and writing cabins buried in the woods, there’s no better place to log out and recharge than a desert hideaway.

These are the Seinfeld of Airbnbs. They embrace nothingness. Sure, each of the stays — from Tuscon to Morocco — have amenities and activities to keep you engaged and occupied; but these homes are purposefully spartan, favoring their strangely purgatorial, undeniably gorgeous environs. Makes sense. Like 95% of history happened without anyone ever sleeping out in the sand. The desert’s earned its quiet.

We’ve rounded up seven of our favorite picks below. Pack lots of water, bring a good book or two and don’t forget to hit the hot tub under the stars.

Oh, and when you’re coming up on the house, trust your eyes. No mirages here.

Morocco (3 images)

Bivouac Camp
Merzouga, Morocco

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cc (3 images)

Cactus Casa
Tuscon, AZ


Moab (3 images)

Canvas Safari Hut
Moab, Utah

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atacam (3 images)

Casita La Brea
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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death (3 images)

Death Valley House
Beatty, Nevada

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rockreach (3 images)

Rock Reach House
Pioneertown, CA

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jt (3 images)

Serenity Escape
Joshua Tree, CA

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All images from Airbnb