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6 Products That Have Made My New Patio Awesome

Summer's nearly over, but fall is prime patio season

cool patio gear
By Ben Fox

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, we may earn a small share of the profits.

I recently moved into a new house, and besides being generally bigger, with a dedicated office for my new remote life, it’s got a huge, fenced-in outdoor space. I’ve started dialing in my set-up. Here’s everything I’ve used so far. 

Addlon 48-Foot String Lights

I’ve had a few string lights over the years and most of them fizzle out or break after about a season. After reading some reviews, I recently picked up this Addlon set and I’ve been incredibly impressed. They’re heavy-duty, extra-long and they come with six spare replacement bulbs.

Solo Stove Bonfire Firepit 

I’m a huge fan of nights around the campfire, but I hate smelling like smoke the next days — especially since I usually wear a pair of jeans for a week before washing them. Strategically placed holes on the Bonfire in the double-wall structure suck the air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top, resulting in almost no smoke.

Weber Q1200 Propane Grill 

This isn’t the fanciest grill around, but I like it so much that I’ve purchased a new one every time I’ve moved over the past few years. Although it looks small, it’s big enough to cook six chicken breasts or burgers and works a lot better than the $100 grills you can pick up from Home Depot. Plus, the small size makes it great for apartment use. 

Flash Furniture Metal Table and Six Chairs 

My two requirements for my patio set was that it couldn’t look cheap, like the common glass topped options, and it had to fit at least four people. Ultimately I ended up going with this all-metal version that easily sits six and even comes with 6 stackable chairs. 

Viva Sole Cornhole Boards

Though my college days are long gone, I still love playing cornhole, and fortunately, I’ve now got the room for it. While some boards can look like eyesores on your lawn, these premium, tournament-sized boards are made from real wood with a walnut finish. They also offer convenient storage — the legs fold under into the frame, and there’s a pouch underneath to store your bean bags.

FDW Outdoor Patio Heat Lamp

When I purchased this heat lamp a few years ago, it felt unnecessary, but I’ve found it has extended my patio season for weeks. It uses the same 20-pound propane tank as my grill and pumps out enough heat that I can eat dinner outside with just a flannel in late October.