Home & Design | September 2, 2016 9:00 am

This House Hasn’t Been Redecorated Since the ’70s and It’s Groovy as Hell

You're not having an acid flashback. That's the wallpaper.

Walk into a home with shag rugs and you’ll think one of two things:

Either A) Who’s that snaggletoothed British man mumbling “Oh, behave!” or B) “Man, these folks need to get with the times.”

But what do you have against the carefree, anything-goes spirit of 1970s decor? (Besides the psychedelic faces on the wallpaper staring you down when you get dressed.) Maybe it’s time to loosen up, embrace a simpler, more garish archtectural moment, and buy the  farm.

And by farm, we mean this Framingham, Massachusetts house, which has gone un-redecorated since the Me Decade in the most wonderfully kitschy way possible.

It’s on the market now at a hair under $625K, which might be a steal if you don’t want to re-do anything. And why would you? The place is alive with every color and patter ever invented, anywhere. Speaking of, you may want to hire a full-time live-in spiritual guide in case your waking life begins to feel like one long, strange mushroom trip.

Is it gaudy? A veritable box of broken, half-chewed crayons and marker caps your kindergartener carries around in their sticky backpack? Yes, it is those things. Is that what makes it such a gem of a time capsule? Also yes.

If you are a sacrilegious type, you might look at the property and see huge potential for modern upgrades. The pool is nothing to scoff at, nor the tennis, golf, hiking and running amenities.  

Just don’t touch the shag.