This Is the Ultimate Traveling Gym
By Tanner Garrity / June 11, 2019 9:09 am

Last month, we drafted 10 commandments of staying fit on vacation, including “do your initial sightseeing with a run” and “don’t get hammered every night.”

Heeding those rules will definitely keep your holiday gut at bay. Or, you could just pack some basic fitness equipment. To that end, we recommend the TRX Small Space Set, a bundle designed exclusively for Huckberry that includes a suspension system, resistance bands, a speed jumprope, yoga mat and a wall mount. Plus, charts with moves to help you get off the ground, and two workouts available via digital download.

You won’t want to pack all of this before a trip (especially not the wall mount and screws, unless you plan on bringing spackle and paint to your Airbnb), but this set is great for its wealth of options. Bring the suspension system on one trip, the jumprope on another, and stick to a reliable, 25-minute routine. No need to get too creative, just some basic upkeep. The bands, meanwhile, will prove a godsend after a long flight, and should slide in nicely to the socks compartment of your luggage.

For a limited time, the full set is $55 off at Huckberry.

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