Health & Fitness | November 25, 2019 12:44 pm

Deal: The Legendary Theragun Is $200 Off

This is the lowest price you'll ever see for the best massage gun in the game

Deal on Theragun

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Huge news for your sore back: through December 4th, the Theragun is 33% off. That’s good for a preposterous $200 discount and easily the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the best massage gun in the game. We’d imagine you’re familiar with the Theragun by now; it’s in our holiday gift guide, we tested it out earlier this year, and we mention it whenever we’re writing about the importance of tissue work.

For the uninitiated, though: it’s an ergonomic, rapid-fire fitness tool, powered by a MIT-designed gearbox, which levies “percussive therapy” to sore areas of the body, encouraging blood flow and relaxing connective tissue in the process. Unlike much of the Wild West of crap in the fitness product world, this thing 100% works. Look at the reviews on their site. Everyone from ex-paratroopers, to teens with Thoracic outlet syndrome, to moms warming up for softball games, praise the Theragun for reducing pain throughout their bodies.

If you’re serious about easing phantom pain from old injuries, or general soreness from a sedentary lifestyle, this thing is worth the momentary dent in your bank account. And thanks to this limited sale, you can now get it for less.