Health & Fitness | December 14, 2016 9:00 am

10 Ways to Stay Handsome This Holiday Season

Pro tips to keep your backside from backsliding

From the gift baskets to the egg nog to Aunt Jill’s candied yams that you don’t even particularly like, this time of year is all about saying “Yes.”

And with little time to hit the gym, many of us will be bulging at the seams by the time the New Year rolls around.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, friend. So we asked 10 trainers, nutritionists and assorted health experts a simple question:

What’s one quick, easy thing I can do every day over the holidays to stay in shape?

Adam Lucki, Personal Trainer at DavidBartonGym Century City
“Have a support team to keep you accountable and motivated. We all have that friend or family member or coworker who is a somewhat hardcore fitness addict — those are the people you want on your team. Have them text you every day. You’d be amazed what a simple text or social media post can do for you. Don’t stress about the time or lack of it, remember half a workout is still better than no workout.”

Holly Rilinger, Personal Trainer, Nike Master Trainer
“Depending on the weather, a good run is usually always accessible. Pack a pair of running shoes and get out for a 20-30 minute run. Set a goal for each day in the morning when you get up. Want a little more? Throw some burpees in the mix. No equipment needed and 10-15 minutes will get your heart rate up and blood pumping.”

Derek Johnson Nutrition Director, New Metabolism and The Biggest Loser Resort
“If you’re going to drink alcohol or eat sweets, avoid starchy carbs, as it spikes insulin and glucose, which leads to fat storage and can also cause poor sleep. Example: fish or any clean protein and extra vegetables (steamed veggies or a salad), but no starchy carbs here, like rice. Instead have a glass of wine or a dessert.”

Shane Middleton, Barber and Owner, The Cut By
“Shampoo only once or twice a week with a light, more natural shampoo. Condition once every two weeks, not massaging conditioner into the scalp like shampoo, just through the hair. Between conditioners, use a nice creamy hand and body lotion lightly in your hair to help style it and calm the frizz. With change of weather in the winter months, hair tends to become a little dryer and changes texture, so lean more towards cream-like styling products, shea butter or even a light Moroccan oil. If your hair tends to get on the oilier side, use a talc/baby powder or a dry shampoo to help lift those oils up. Be sure to still give your scalp a deep massage: it helps blood flow to the scalp, which helps cleansing those pores, bringing blood to the hair roots to help maintain elasticity for the hair shaft and keeps healthy, thinker hair.”

Erik Rokisky, Personal Trainer, Handstand
“The number one thing a person can do is focus on their sleep and aim to get to bed between 9 and 10:30 p.m. By getting adequate sleep, you will have less cravings and burn more fat due to higher levels of melatonin and testosterone. Tips: avoid eating 1-3 hrs before bed, take 10-20 deep breaths lying down and take 1-3 grams tryptophan supplement.”

Alina Astilean, Personal Trainer, Handstand
“During the holidays, I go through a 5-6 minute ab workout every morning after I wake up. It gets my blood flowing and gets my energy up. It helps me wake up and start the day with a little more vigor, plus it helps my abs stay on point despite the extra holiday food. I usually do 2-3 sets of 15 reps, and pick about 4-5 exercises: leg raises, reverse crunches, straddle crunches, side plank dips or jackknife situps.”

Austin Hollingshead, Yoga Instructor, Playlist Yoga
“I wake up, and while in bed, just pull one knee into my chest and twist to one side; under the covers, on top of the sheets or next to the bed. I do this along with a child’s pose every day for 25 seconds or five deep breaths. It’s a great way to boost your digestive system, wringing out any toxins, leftovers or junk from the day before. Immediately after, I drink a big glass of water to clear everything out.”

Samuel Duran, Personal Trainer, Handstand
“When I am short on time or traveling and don’t have access to a gym, or when I haven’t worked out for a month I do this. It’s simple but difficult. Get the Seconds interval timer for your phone. If you have jump ropes great; substitute jumping jacks if not. The rest is just using the body. Each movement is 30 seconds for a total of three minutes: jump rope (or jacks), squats, jump rope, push-ups, jump rope, crunches and jump rope.

It keeps the heart rate up and works the whole body. The more advanced option involved pull-ups. Even at home this is easy with a pull-up bar that uses a doorway. They don’t cost much more than $20, if that. Ideally you can go 3-5 rounds with a minute rest in between. But that’s the beauty of this circuit, it can be modified in so many ways.”

Madison and Matthew Ruggieri, founders of The Motley
“Healthy skin starts with hydration and winter weather seriously zaps the moisture from your skin. We also use our Buckler’s Revitalize Face Oil. A face oil absorbs into the skin better than a cream or lotion, so it’s the best way to deeply hydrate and replenish nutrients that keep skin healthy.”

Melinda Nelson, Personal Trainer, The Golden Door
“I do Tabata (also called a Tabata sequence). It’s an interval training cycle of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause eight times for a total of four minutes. Tabata training (aka, the Tabata Protocol) is a type of high-intensity interval training that follows a specific format: 1) 20 seconds of a very high intensity exercise (e.g., sprints); 2) 10 seconds of rest; repeat eight times, for a total of four minutes.”